PingFederate 7.0.1
Configuring OpenID Connect Policies

This configuration allows you to define OpenID Connect policies for client access to attributes mapped according to OpenID specifications (see OpenID Connect).

The OpenID Connect Policy Management link on the Main Menu appears only after the protocol is enabled in Server Settings (see Choosing Roles and Protocols).

To begin creating a new policy:
  1. Click Add Policy.
  2. On the next screen, Manage Policy, enter a Policy ID and Name.
    The Policy ID is used internally and may not contain any spaces or underscores. The Name is any you choose for display in other UI screens.
  3. (Optional) Change the default ID Token Lifetime.
    Values can be between 0 and 65,535
To edit an existing policy:
  • Click its link and then on the Summary screen click the heading over the information that needs updating.